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Kids Art Classes

Kids Art Classes


Class Description
Those sessions are developed specifically for creative kids. The 1.5 hours sessions adopt a classic style approach to painting an original artist inspired masterpiece, which they can keep! While parents sit back and relax each child learns the steps to creating a copy of a famous artist’s work as well as gaining a little about the artist. We love working with children and exploring their boundless creativity and imaginations while teaching them some valuable technical skills. We believe children’s creativity should be nourished and encouraged. Together with the teacher, each student creates a wish list helps to discover and develop artistic skills in different media. Our mantra is that there is no right or wrong in art, just creativity that needs to be set free, explored and appreciated.

Classes ideally suit children aged 4-12. However, there are a few creative and talented 3-year-olds who love attending. If your artist is under the age of 5, I recommended that you stay and help them paint as sometimes a big piece of paper can be quite overwhelming.

Each term your kid will get:

  • Foundations of academic drawing
  • Foundations of colour theory with exercises
  • Art history
  • Oil painting technique
  • Two fine artworks made by your child to be proud of. Oil paint on canvas

Payment options

  • A little artist can enrol for a term - cost 300$ (approx 30$ per class)
  • Pay session by session - cost 40$ each class
  • Come for a trial and pay the rest 30$ per class
  • Referral discount: bring a friend and get a lesson for free for you and your friend on next term

What to bring?
We will supply you with all the materials and canvas, old and comfortable cloth would be appreciated as long it will help your kid relax. As long as this is after school time - snacks are provided.

Time & Locations

  • 4.00-6.00pm Monday - Bumblebee Arts Centre McKinnon Campus: 213 Tucker Road, McKinnon VIC 3204
  • 4.30-6.00pm Thursday - Phoenix Park Community Centre 22 Rob Roy Road Malvern East 3145
  • 4.00-6.00pm Friday - Bumblebee Arts Centre Mount Waverley Campus: 265-267 Blackburn Road, Mount Waverley VIC 3149

If you want to have a trial session or enrol, please ask us through the contact form or call
+61 410 817 905. The last works of our students you can find on our page on Facebook and Instagram.

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